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Nordexo developed a digital AML/KYC platform in Latvia

Nordexo team

At Latvian and European level, as the fight against money laundering increases, the number of sectors that need to develop an internal control system (ICS) and to conduct customer research has increased significantly over the past years. In addition, in the current geopolitical situation, the risk monitoring of sanctions and money laundering is enhanced by setting a number of new requirements for risk classifications and sanctions.

Nordexo team has developed a digital platform of NILLN.LV for automating AML/KYC processes among entrepreneurs.

Platform NILLN.LV is an automated tool in Latvia suitable for effective transaction monitoring and customer risk management. NILLN.LV solution is characterized by a number of benefits available in one place: significant risk reduction, platform low costs and availability in the form of cloud solution, fast control and adaptability with convenient and wide configurations, simplicity and safety of the platform. Not only is it accessible to the platform users, but also a number of features that make customer monitoring process easy and quick to do.

Daniils Vladimirovs, a partner and product development manager, points out that "This automated tool is based on cloud service, ensuring that the operation of the system is always based on current laws and regulations, sanction lists, guidelines for supervisors and control requirements. supervision. Any entity can simply and quickly start operating on the NILLN.LV platform, if necessary, conduct a wide range of ICS configuration and start researching and monitoring your customers using interactive questionnaires, automated data from the register of enterprises."

The platform has been developed in cooperation with the technological company Nordexo IT, as well as consulting and professional methodological materials and training of the company's business consulting group for specialists.

More information about the product: NILLN.LV

Published at 13.04.2022.