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Nordexo implemented a solution for processing payment data

Nordexo team

The main focus of the Nordexo team is to provide technological and consulting services in the fintech and regtech industry.

During this and previous year, the Nordexo team has successfully developed a solution for large operating payment service provider, thus ensuring a modern tool for fast and accurate transaction data validation and processing, allowing to manage a wide range of balances and transaction commission calculation settings in one place from several payment (gateway) systems.

As a result, a single, organized database with financial (transaction data) has been created for the client, which is not tied to a specific payment processing operator, and which is the basic database for preparing internal and customer database reports. This approach facilitates the work of the finance team, introduces traceability and reduces the possibility of errors due to manual calculations, and is a reliable and transparent source of data for owners, regulators and auditors.

At Nordexo, we offer payment data processing solutions to payment service providers to implement functional and configurable calculations, reports and extensive controls.

Published at 20.04.2022.