Nordexo supports the largest private tutoring portal in Latvia

Nordexo team

Although business cooperation with the public sector is not always successful, cooperation between non -governmental organizations (NGOs) and software developers are often much better and more successful. NGOs usually represent the interests of certain groups, so they know the requirements and needs, while companies want to try themselves in another, perhaps more difficult field. Such cooperation in the world has spread quite successfully.

Such attempts have also been in Latvia - one of the most recent problems that appeared in 2015 pointed out that the need for private teachers had grown significantly. More than 40% of students wanted to improve their knowledge with an individual private tutor's additional learning process. This means that pupils and their parents are not convinced of the knowledge gained in the classroom and are looking for opportunities to strengthen what they have learned. In addition to a number of Internet platforms that offer online study courses, there are also tools to find teachers and improve their knowledge of individual subjects.

The founders of the organization "Skolēns LV" turned to Nordexo, seeking help in improving the online tool and maintaining for a long-term period. The platform is currently the largest platform in Latvia, which offers students and their parents to find a suitable tutor to better understand any subject. Nordexo supports youth initiatives and is keen to help the "Skolēns LV" organization to maintain the operation of platform to provide more accessible and appropriate educational opportunities in Latvia.

Published at 02.11.2020.